Starting from $10/m2

KT Tower stands for Korean Tower and is located near what used to be the “Tuol Kok Round About” (which has then been replaced with overhead and a tunnel. This section of the city is still called “center” of Phnom Penh. From there you can reach the financial district in no time and you are on the way to the airport.

The building is simple, but bears an elevator. The rent is very affordable.

The street is a bit narrow and the parking is limited.

Our review
Value for money
Access & traffic
Surrounding facilities
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Daily maintaining on Air- con and lighting
  • Daily parking Car/ Motor
  • Water using free
  • Security 24H
  • Lift can using for 24H
  • Generator for stand by 24H


  • Starting from

Available units

  • 1th : 289m2. 10$/m2
  • 1th : 289m2. 10$/m2
  • 2nd : 28m2. 11$/m2
  • 4th : 30m2. 11$/m2
  • 4th : 23m2. 11$/m2
  • 8th : 72m2. 11$/m2
  • 8th : 128m2. 11$/m2

Current Occupancy

The four major tenants